Where the Story Begins…

Portsmouth’s African Burying Ground: In honor of those forgotten.

Literary History

Milford’s Harriet E. Wilson: A woman of Fortitude and Resilence

Let Freedom Ring

Canaan: A brief history of an integrated school

A Free Man of Prominence

Amos Fortune purchased his freedom at the age of 60 and moved to Jaffrey to start his business

Out of the Shadows

Granite State Glee Club introduces Jazz and Blues to a new Generation

Sankofa Guided Tours

Sankofa Guided Tours are presented by the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire and the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail.

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Shadows Fall North

A film that seeks to answer the question: What happens when we move towards a fuller understanding of our history by including all voices?

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Juneteenth Celebration

      A Juneteenth Celebration Celebrating the Art of Activism, Cultural Resistance & Everyday Protest Saturday, June 17, 11am-3pm & 7pm– 8:30pm Middle Street Baptist Church 18 Court Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801 ART, MUSIC, DIALOGUE & SONG  Cultural resistance is the broad use of arts, literature, and traditional practices to challenge unjust or oppressive systems within the context of nonviolent actions, campaigns and movements. For this year’s celebration, local African American artists Joel Gill and Richard Hanes will share stories…

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2017 BNEC Call for Papers

11th ANNUAL BLACK NEW ENGLAND CONFERENCE Huddleston Hall, University of New Hampshire October 20 – 21st, 2017 Deadline for Submissions (August 20, 2017) THE SCIENCE & ENGINEERING OF RACE: Living Through the Archives  Modern medical and social sciences have made some extraordinary advances through the exploitation of Black bodies while simultaneously allowing myths of racial inferiority to continue as justification for centuries of enslavement and political disenfranchisement. From the Tuskegee syphilis experiment to the unethical use of Henrietta Lacks’ cells…

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Boggis to be honored by Seacoast NAACP

PORTSMOUTH — The Seacoast NAACP will honor JerriAnne Boggis at its annual Freedom Fund Dinner Saturday night. By Jeff McMenemy Boggis is executive director of the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail and has served on the New Hampshire Advisory Board for the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and as chairwoman of the University of New Hampshire’s Commission on the Status of People of Color. Rogers Johnson, president of the Seacoast NAACP, said the group “annually recognizes an individual who has and continues…

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2017 Spring Symposium Mapping the Underground Railroad

Mapping the Underground Railroad: The Black Past Remembered and Reclaimed in New Hampshire   The North has historically basked in its participation in the Underground Railroad leaving untold, till recent times, its complicity in the slave trade. The keynote address and panel discussion for this symposium will highlight stories of some Black New Hampshire heroes and present information on the state’s participation in the Atlantic slave trade and what became known as the Underground Railroad. Archaeologist Dr. Cheryl LaRoche, our…

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Black Heritage

Our mission here at the Trail is to preserve the history and culture of the African-American community in Portsmouth and the New Hampshire region.